The SAS TechniquesEdit

The BasicsEdit

The Double TapEdit

The Double Tap is a pretty simple technique of firing two rounds at the same area in very quick succession. This is mainly for use with both Semi Automatic rifles and handguns. This technique is most effective in Hardcore game modes. The Double Tap is the first technique learnt by the SAS troops.

The Static ScreenEdit

Another common technique of staying completely still and looking around. This is used to see the slightest movement on the field. This is useful in all game modes, especially by Snipers.

Recoil ManagementEdit

Possibly one of the most useful of the basic techniques. This technique will teach the user to be able to compensate and judge recoil for their particular weapon. Again, Another multi-purpose technique.


Taking cover is paramount for survival. This technique is taught fairly early, if it is needed.

Advanced TechniquesEdit

Breach and ClearEdit

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