The BasicsEdit

All people that want to join the SAS will have to go through mandatory training. This will teach you the basics of what tactics and weapons are used by the SAS, as well as accuracy, fire control and basic demolitions.

"Ghillies in the Mist" Sniper Division.Edit

The Ghillies in the Mist sniper division has two sub-divisions. The "Lone Wolves" Sniper division and "Sniper Team Two". Lone Wolves are the Black Op's dedicated sniper team. Sniper Team Two are the generic sniper support for all ops.

Both require extra training to make sure that the applicant has sufficent skill.

Demolitions Divison.Edit

Demolitions Division requires training in the science of C4, Claymores, Frag, Semtex, Proximity, Placement and usage of Danger Close.

Black OpsEdit

We prefer not to disclose too much about Black Ops. For Black Ops places, we will approach you, not the other way around.

Det CompanyEdit

Our intelligence division. Simple as.

WaW (SS)Edit

The Basics.Edit

In WaW, the SAS has been renamed to the SS (Waffen SS)


Unlike MW2, the standard soldiers of the SS are more elitist than their SAS counterparts. The Infantry work in squads of 4. The roles are listed below;

Pointman (Rank 25+)Edit

Goes into the buildings first. The Pointman carries a SMG (Most likely the PPSh-41) The setup will be as follows: Primary weapon (Extended Magazines), Tokarev TT-33, N74 Sticky Grenades, Tabun Gas, Bandolier or Primary Grenades x3, Gas Mask and Martyrdom/Last Stand

Follow-Up (Rank 35+)Edit

Follows the Pointman as backup for clearing rooms. Setup as follows: M1 Carbine/PPSh/SVT-40, 357 Magnum/Tokarev TT-33, Bandolier, Gas Mask/Stopping Power and Reconassiance/Last Stand.

Sniper (Rank 30+)Edit

Gives sniper support both to and from the area being taken/held by the rest of the squad. Setup as follows: Mosin Nagant/PTRS-41, Tokarev TT-33/357 Magnum, Bouncing Betty x2/Bandolier, Stopping power and Steady Aim/Deep impact

Runner (40+)Edit

This guy is the most important. he's gonna get from A to B and get the tasks done. The setup is: MP40/Thompson (Surpressor), Tokarev TT-33 (Pistol should not be used), Bandolier, Camoflauge and Dead Silence.

Blitzkrieg DemolitionsEdit

Demolition experts. Work with Frags, Satchels, Tanks, Artillery, Sticky Grenades, Bazookas, Molotovs and Fireworks.

WunderSniper DivisionEdit

Trained snipers. lightning reactions. One WunderSniper will be assigned to a 4-man infantry squad occasionally.

Intel and Covert OpsEdit

Our special ops and intel guys. Again, we approach you for positions in this division.

CoD 4 (SAS/DET)Edit


Basically, the same as it's MW2 counterpart.

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